Hi!  I’m Phil and this is my website.

Thanks for checking me out!

Here’s the basic gist, I’m into health and fitness…. Not to a crazy degree… I like ice cream too, but I’m into health and fitness.

I’m also REALLY into meditation and mindset.

Most of my fitness friends, even my yoga peeps, want to get more into meditation and mindset, but they don’t know how.

So, this is why I put this website together, to bridge the gap between health and fitness and meditation.


Who the heck am I?

Honestly, I don’t care about this stuff, but I know other people do, so here’s a little bit about me and my journey in life thus far:

Born and raised in Connecticut.

Went to college in Tennessee (MTSU).

Became the Concert Chairman at MTSU where I worked on anything from a weekly concert series called “Music on the Knoll” to large scale events such as White Zombie and AC/DC.

Got a gig at Sony Music Nashville as a marketing rep where I was a member of the team that helped launch several artists including The Dixie Chicks.

Moved to New York City and got a job in the music division at one of the top talent agencies in the world, International Creative Management (ICM).

Got promoted to be the assistant to the head of the ICM Music Division.

For a couple years I worked on the tours of Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, The Beach Boys, The Moody Blues, Bryan Adams, Hole and bunch of other great artists.

Was promoted to agent at the age of 23 where I was a part of a team that booked clients such Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees, Montell Jordan, Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, P Diddy, Usher, etc.

At the same time I was also managing a rap group called The Usual Suspects.

This all took place in the late 90’s / early 2000’s when the first dotcom boom was in full effect.

During this time I was offered the opportunity to become the Sr. Director of Marketing at a company called AKA.com.

This was an early stage music website that was headed by the same guy that took King World Television public (King World = Oprah + a bunch of other successful TV shows).

I couldn’t resist the allure of a higher base salary, stock options and the possibility of becoming a multi-millionaire in my 20’s

Unfortunately, pretty quickly after I joined the company, the dotcom bubble burst and AKA’s financing went KA-BLOOEY which meant, bye, bye to my kushy job and my hopes of making millions of dollars through this endeavor.

As I was exiting AKA, I can vividly recall the stinging words of my former ICM boss when I told him I was leaving the agency to join an internet startup.

He said in his southern twang, “Phil, I don’t know nothin’ about this internet stuff, but I think you’re stupid.”

Boy did I feel stupid and I was also too prideful to ask for my job back at ICM.

Several months later I landed a job in the finance department at the largest independent record label in the world, TVT Records.

There, I was a small part of a team that helped put out artists such as Lil’ Jon, Pitbull, Default, The Ying Yang Twins, Sevendust and Snoop Dogg & The Eastsidaz.

Cut to a few years later…. the music business was in shambles, because of illegal downloading and I had just gotten married to my high school sweetheart who had zero interest in moving to NYC.

That put me at a crossroads, because I was living apart from my wife and the industry I loved was in complete disarray.

So what did I do?  

I made the decision to move back to Connecticut and restart my life as a sales guy in Corporate America.

Let’s just say, Corporate America is not as fun as the music business, but I did thrive in the system and by the time I was 40 I had reached the top sales level at a Fortune 100 company.

During these years, I also bought and sold some real estate.

I became an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer / Weight Loss Specialist and an NGH Certified Hypnotist.

I also started a couple small business ventures including Slimgrooves, a weight loss product that focused on a person’s mindset.

Oh, yeah….and along the way, I also had two sons, Carter and Parker.

I love these guys to the moon and stars and back, but man, nobody told me that THIS would be the most challenging job EVER!

Props to all of you parents out there that are holding it down.

Anyway, what the hell does all of this have to do with Meditation, Mindset and Health & Fitness?

Welp, along my journey, I’ve always been involved in health & fitness and I fell in love with the reading of self-help books and spiritual literature.

After literally reading hundreds of books and listening to countless hours of teachings, I realized none of the crap I listed in my journey above  means anything.  DOH! 🙂

Everything is about this moment right now.

Everything is one thing.

Everything is about the thing inside of you that is not your mind or your body; it just is.

And when you become silent and you quiet your mind, you eventually realize the truth, everything comes from within.

You’re basically projecting your world from the inside; it’s like living in a movie.

Yup, it’s a weird concept for anyone to grasp, but it’s what I feel, “balls to bones”.

So my journey right now is focused on meditation, mindset and health & fitness.

It starts with this website and includes my podcast Meditation for Fitness Peeps and my meditation app Zenabration.

My goal is to help people that are into health and fitness to connect with something greater through the practice of meditation.

It’s an honest and authentic journey and it’s open to anyone that wants to join me on the path.

So if any of this resonates with you, please feel free to connect with me.

Until then, BE GOOD!